A Good Planet is hard to find.


We create partnerships between fashion companies and non-profit organizations for the disposal of over-production and unsold collections, which, in accordance with the circular economy, instead of being thrown to waste or burned, are donated to finance social and environmental projects. We promote high quality initiatives such as Green Fashion Temporary Shops, through synergies with Companies, the Non-Profit Sector (Charity), Media Partners, Local and European Institutions, Consumers.

The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world, so there is a need for a commitment from the industry to find ways of becoming more sustainable.

Non-profit organizations – Charity

  • We create ‘turnkey’ Business Models, calibrated according to national regulations (Italy, Spain, UK) for companies and organizations in the Third Sector who want to move towards a greater internal green culture (Sustanaibility Management, Eco-Project Management). We work with charity shops to requalify at various levels: Retail Shop Management., Store Management, also creating partnerships with fashion companies.
  • We support the transformation of Charity Shops, through the requalification or management of the chain, starting from Retail Management, to training of shop volunteers. The objective is to increase profitability by up to 50% and 100%. Our redevelopment proposal also includes the “green alliance” partnership with fashion houses for the supply of clothing and accessories.

Philanthropy – Grant Making

  • We finance and support circular economic projects with particular attention to women, disadvantaged people and young people, also by establishing scholarships to support project work for start-ups.